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About Us

We are pleased to introduce the company "HIT STROY" Ltd, as a company contractor and to offer our services:
Our company was founded in 2006 in Sofia by two established professionals in the sphere area of construction and management.
In order of the confirmed experience, proven quality and reliability, company quickly won popularity in the market and is involved in several projects as a company:

- Main Contractor
- Unity / Consortium
- Subcontractor
- Utility company
- Consulting company
- Brokerage company

The company is constantly expanding its business and wins variety of important construction projects, including public procurement here and abroad.

Each of our facility is our new challenge for a high place and quality in our professional proof. The company will earn your trust as wit a high quality of construction in time and with better organization and competence.

Here you will find:

- Construction skilled workers, technicians, engineers and if it is necessary team of over 200 people,
- Construction, Material Handling and excavation equipment. Scaffolding, plant hire
- Building materials, electrical and hand tools, generators
- Staff with foreign languages ​​- English, Turkish, German and others

Main activities of the company are:

- Construction and Investments
- Delivery of construction materials
- Excavation, Transportation Services with construction equipment
- Sales, plant hire
- Maintenance and management of real property
- Provision of manpower support
- Repairs and Reconstruction

What you get:

- You save time, nerves and money
- Quality, correctness and good price
- Useful and relevant advice
- Implementation according to your opinion
- Guarantee / servicing /

Our basic guiding principles:

- Trust, security, honesty, quality, integrity, legality
- Wits, combinations, flexibility, satisfaction
- Appropriateness, Rationality, Individual style
- Choice of options, different approach and commitment to implementation