“Construction company Hit Stroy LTD

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Construction company "Hit Stroy" LTD

Welcome to the website of "HIT STROY" Ltd.

Construction company Hit Stroy LTD

We are pleased to introduce the company "HIT STROY" Ltd, as a company contractor and to offer our services: Our company was founded in 2006 in Sofia by two professionals ....


Construction company Hit Stroy LTD

Here you will find:
» СConstruction skilled workers, technicians, engineers and if it is necessary team of over 200 people.
» Construction, Material Handling and excavation equipment. Scaffolding, plant hire.


Services and types of construction works

Construction Company - “Hit Stroy” LTD | Construction business

The company aims to offer a complete package of products and services related to the rough construction works and finishing works on the worksite. If it is necessary, you can take partial works. Our team of professionals allows to serve our customers in the most optimal manner, ensuring high quality at reasonable prices and with fast execution time here and abroad.


Types of construction works::

Rough construction:
» Earthworks
» Shuttering works
» Reinforcement works
» Concrete works
» Masonry work
» Roofing works
» Tinsmith’s work
» Carpentry

» Electrical installations of buildings, equipment and industrial plants
» Plumbing systems, drainage

» Piping, heating and ventilation systems

Finishing works:
» Facing work - tiles, granite, stone, plaster, etc.
» Plaster works - Machine and Hand, lime, gypsum, etc
» Flooring - mortars, machine, manual, self-spilling

Construction Company - “Hit Stroy” LTD | Construction business