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Services and types of construction works:

The company aims to offer a complete package of products and services related to the rough construction works and finishing works on the worksite. If it is necessary, you can take partial works. Our team of professionals allows to serve our customers in the most optimal manner, ensuring high quality at reasonable prices and with fast execution time here and abroad.

• Construction / Civil and industrial / in all phases.
• Reconstruction, Repairs and Maintenance, Consulting, Assistance.
• Transportation, Excavation, Material Handling and spade services.
• Provision of manpower and equipment, scaffolding, shuttering hire.
• Delivery of construction materials.
• Service "Home and personal Masterhand."
• Maintenance, cleaning of objects subscription.
•  Cooperation and invitation of foreign experts and companies.
• Orders here and abroad.

Types of construction works:

Rough construction

- Earthworks
- Shuttering works
- Reinforcement works
- Concrete works
- Masonry work
- Roofing works
- Tinsmith’s work
- Carpentry


- Electrical installations of buildings, equipment and industrial plants
- Plumbing systems, drainage
- Piping, heating and ventilation systems

Finishing works:

- Facing work - tiles, granite, stone, plaster, etc.:
- Plaster works - Machine and Hand, lime, gypsum, etc.
- Flooring - mortars, machine, manual, self-spilling
- Painting works –ground works, repairing etc.
- Insulation, Waterproofing works, cold insulation


- Landscaping:
- Roads, street design, drainage facilities, etc.
- Flooring - squares, streets, sidewalks, parks, trails and more
- Different types of fences, retaining walls and more
- Construction of parks-Maintaining and building gardens, building
Irrigation systems, pruning and felling of trees, construction of benches and playgrounds

Repair, reconstruction, modern reconstruction, upgrade and conversions:

- Repair and reconstruction of apartments, houses, villas, industrial sites, etc.
- Modern styling of your home

Insulation, heating, equipment for heating, heating, etc.

- Insulation with glass fiber yarns. in industrial plants
- Plastered with mortar and more. Including rabitz net
- Preparation, delivery and installation of steel
- Repairing of heating networks, facilities and more

Deterioration and demolition:

- Decomposition
- Tearing
- Cleaning
- Transportation

Maintenance and Cleaning subscription of buildings and facilities / Caring for your property /:

- Residential buildings - buildings, houses, yards, etc.
- Public institutions - Hotels, Offices, Hospitals, Malls, Schools, Workshops
- We offer monthly and annual subscription

Advice on the real estate:

- Representation, Mediation, brokerage.
- Authorisation schemes, Implementation of projects Procedures
- Tips for buying and selling, investment, expansion and more.
- The company maintains a large database for an unlimited number of workers, craftsmen and employees, if it is necessary we can mobilize large-scale construction or assign manpower

„"It is important to us to satisfy customer needs, to respond quickly to any legal requirements, our work is our best advertising, references are our incentive." "When things are made complex by the skilled craftsmen of different activities to synchronize operations, the contractor has an eye on everything. Then every subsequent process is directly dependent on the previous one, it's well thought out and tested. "